Sunday, June 10, 2007


My friend V is at the airport. I am home now. What a lovely weekend. Good food, great wine, diverse conversation, shyness, laughter, more good food - more fantastic wine - kissing. Walks, the Mississippi River, the Farmers Market, sitting outside, music, connecting.

This morning we discussed how - since the time when we were very young - talking together was easy and enjoyable.

Large gaps of time between seeing one another has been the norm in our relationship. And yet, each time we see one another again, we just pick up the conversation. Effortlessly.

"And as I was saying......" twenty-five years later. So nice. What a lovely weekend.

Thanks V. :)


  1. :: grinning with and for you ::

    And hoping you already have plans to see each other again!

  2. Sooooo Happy For You, Suzann.
    There is nothing like that feeling one gets with an old old friend, where you pick up as if no time has passed....
    I do hope you will have more of these delicious weekends, my dear!

  3. Well, I'll be darned, Suzann. No wonder you feel like a snake shedding her old skin. Yes, a very respectable 2 1/2 years has passed, so I'm thinking good thoughts that your old friend might become even more. Day at a time, as we say. Thinking of you and thanks for linking to me. Do you know what Mustafa said above?

  4. Hi,
    you know, I found your blog only some few months ago - and I like what I read - then take care of yourself and do what you feel what's right for the rest of your life;))

  5. Thank you everyone - I do not know what Mustapha wrote - if anyone does, please let me know. Thanks again my friends.