Saturday, June 30, 2007

Better on Saturday night. Still sore but healing. Wow, what an ordeal. The good news is that they could pull the roots AND sink the screws in my upper jaw for the implants all in one procedure. The worst is over. The oral surgeon is really good - he even called my house at 9 pm on Thursday night to check on me.

It has been a quiet weekend of soup, carrot juice, kefir and some pain meds. I picked up the house, have been reading and watching some movies. Just taking it easy. It is a beautiful weekend and I am hoping to feel up to getting outside tomorrow. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


  1. Glad to hear you're doing so well. Good the oral surgeon checked on you.

    Reminded me of one night last year when I was really really sick for the first time since I was alone. I suddenly realized that after almost 43 years of sharing a home, I had no one upon whom I could call if I needed them.

    Don'cha just love good carrot juice!
    Keep healing.

  2. So glad to hear it went well, and that you have a concerned surgeon...! Take it easy, Suzann...(as you are doingm hioefully)...these things are miraculous in a way, but they do take it out of you...Hope you have a Happy 4th, my dear.

  3. Well, a little sigh of relief for the worst of it huh Suzann? Nice oral surgeon...and smart to check on you. Keep healing sweetie....

  4. Hope you are doing alright Suzann, it's been a whilke since you posted....So, I'm just checking in to make sure you are still on the men from your ordeal!