Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Approach of Another Birthday

A year of immense change. I have made no plans for this birthday. I am taking a long weekend away from work. I have cleared the decks and reserved time for solitude and reflection.

I will ---- Take a few outdoor walks. Go to the Gym. Write in my journal. Create at least one new page in my art journal. Go to Fort Snelling. Drink some nice wine. Just BE. There is definitely more to come.


  1. Indeed....Our Birthdays....!
    This will be a quieter Birthday for me than last year...Last year was the BIG Milestone year....So this year I am having a little "Ladies Who Lunch" here at my house, the day after my actual Birthday...We will be nine, altogether..(If everyone is "well"---always a consideration with my health issues---)...and that's really it. Just these dear old friends together.

    I have so much time to refect I'm afraid....too much, so I need more social activity...thus, my little lunch!

    A week (less one day now) from today, for me. June 27th. And yours, my dear...remind me of the date, please...!

    Hard to believe a whole year has gone by....My My My!

  2. Sounds wonderful Suzann....a time just for you, and what you want to do. Perfect! Happy Birthday sweetie...

  3. Happy Birthday, Suzann! Enjoy your quiet reflection and the state of "Just Being." Every day this week I have enjoyed watching the birds flitting around the gardens while the squirrels play chase. Yesterday some young squirrels ate green strawberries from the rock garden and then hid their peanuts under mulch. Tuesday I saw beautiful hummingbirds drinking nectar from the purple agastache and felt so blessed to have been in that spot at that moment. The moment ended up being about 15 minutes of pure bliss as the hummers drank from every bloom. These kinds of days are glorious, aren't they? I hope your birthday is filled with many of these priceless treasures, these pure gifts from nature.
    :-) x0x

  4. Hope you will enjoy a wonderful weekend and really feel you ARE - And happy birthday on Monday.

    All the best wishes and hugs from the Summerhouse on the longest day of the year.

  5. I can think of no better birthday or weekend than what you prescribed for yourself. Enjoy every moment of it. You are correct -- there is much more to come...

  6. First - be kind to yourself ! :)