Monday, April 02, 2007

Hey - I'm still here.......

Wow, I just realized that it has been a week since I have posted. I spent the weekend before last on a body detox fast, drinking fresh juice and eating only raw fruit and veggies. I took the past week to slowly introduce my usual diet - which is to say I continued to eat lots of raw fruit and added salads with oil and vinegar dressing for the beginning of the week and then added some fish and then chicken. I do not really eat beef or pork - or rarely. The liver tonic, "Fontana Cleanse" is an herbal liquid that I drank three times a day for a week - it tasted terrible - but I think it helped to eliminate toxins from my body.

I feel really good - very light and energetic. This weekend, I did more spring house cleaning and began to get ready for my bestest sister friend, J to arrive this Thursday evening. I am very excited. Since I did not go to Florida this winter, we have not seen one another since my birthday.

J will be 60 in June so we will have an early birthday celebration, hang out and have a lot of fun. It is a blessing to have a friend of nearly 40 years duration. We have seen one another through life's joys and sorrows. The challenges, the lessons, and all the changes of a lifetime.

So much has been going on ----- we moved our office into a much larger space in the same old historic building in St. Paul we have occupied for the last 3 years. We are in the Blair Arcade, a beautiful old brownstone in Cathedral Hill. Garrison Keillor's new bookstore is in the lower level. The building and our new office are beautiful. We picked the configuration, the carpet, the wall colors, the lighting - wow. It is really comfortable and very calm and inviting.

I will take some pictures of the new office to post in the next few days.

During the winter, I posted that I am working on a new project that will be initiated in early 2007. We are about to launch, "The Grief Project" in the next month. It is the project of my heart and spirit. I will devote a post to it very soon.

Life is good.


  1. That must be something to look forward to. And old friend. Like my childhood friend. He is born 1947 and I'm in 45.
    Last summer, we walked around on old "path's" on the penninsula here in Oslo, where we grew up. About everything have changed.. But not the Forest, where we used to play. Even we were cowboys and indians. And where we learned to swim - we missed the old kiosk (Mrs Marthinsen's) - where we had our tiny ice-creams and even soft-drinks in her garden with tables and chairs.
    We agreed upon one thing: We had a very lucky childhood. Not rich parents - but with our own fantasy - everything was so bright.. We had everything. We thought. We did not know about another life. It was just after WW2. My first banana, was a small bite from my brother's. He got 4 on recipy. And my parents went to Sweden to buy canned pineaples. A car? No-no. Only if you needed one for a business involved in rebuilding after WW2. Phone? As late as around 1980 - the telemonopoly here - said: We have received you application. You'll have one as soon as we have capacity (18-24 months). I got one from work in 4 days.
    Oh-yeah, lot's of memories you brought into my mind, by this post, meeting an old friend.
    Maybe I am so engaged, 'cause you live in the Norse area of US?

    btw. Sorry for have been unpresent lately. My back is a h*ll for the time beeing. Sitting is very painful, walking ha-ha what a joke - need at rollator - bed is best. Hence this short comment. 4 you not that short.LoL.

  2. Sounds good, Suzann...I am anxious to read about "The Grief Project"...Your detoxing sounds like it did some great things for you...I have never been able to do that...I think it has something to do with a touch of Hypoglycemia...It always sounds like the results are wonderful...

    Your new offices sound lovely and I look forward to seeing some pictures of that!
    I had no idea that Garrison K. had a book store! I bet it is wonderful!

  3. Look forward to hearing more about your "Grief Project." Congrats on moving into the new office. More importantly, glad to hear "Life is good."

    As a friend, gone forever, once wrote me, "There are no friends like old friends." I consider myself lucky that I have another friend, though we haven't seen each other in probably forty years, who reminded me not long ago, how nice it was to have someone in her life that had known her all her life as has she known me. Treasure these friendships, since you and I know, how fleeting the time may be to enjoy those for whom we care.