Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring Tune-Up

I have been planning a spring detox weekend for the past three weeks and this is the weekend. I have been eating nothing but raw fruit and vegetables and fresh carrot juice from my own juicer. Oh and an herbal liver cleansing tonic that is supposed to be very effective but oh (holding my nose) it tastes TERRIBLE!!!!

Yesterday I went out and walked and then bought a huge amount of organic carrots. Today I have groomed the houseplants and put them out on the deck (just for the day) and thoroughly cleaned the sliding glass door - tracks and all.

It is 70 degrees here today and the birds are singing outside. Since the houseplants were outside, I moved everything out of the dining room and did the wood floor. Two loads of laundry and vacuuming round out the chores. It is really nice to have the house open to the outdoors, to look around at its shiny new clean.

Spring cleaning for the body, spirit, and my sacred home.


  1. Oh it sure sounds good Suzann. We had that beautiful weather here today too. I wish I could say I had the productive day you did....not really. I ran some errands and wrote some things, but HOUSEWORK...never thought of that. Sounds like your house....and your body are reaping the benefits of Spring. Enjoy sweetie....

  2. Even here in Oslo, we opened our doors, and the cats went out for the first time since Oct 15 last year.

    It's a beautiful season we meeting. And we are only weeks before moving to the tiny summerhouse with an excotic (here to be) garden.

    But do not forget, you met the spring in Napa?

    ps. sorry for beeing "loudless for about 10 days - job-job-job

  3. LOL....Oh my dear Suzann...I am exhausted just reading about ALL that you did...But, also, I envy that you have the energy and fortitude to do it all!
    The day sounds like it was quite wonderful...Hope this means that Spring has come to your town!

  4. I have left messages and they do not make it to your comment box! Darn.

    Glad you are enjoying the spring and are so energetic. When will you add my house to your list? I will pick you up at the airport!

    Whenever I am feeling down or anxious I just walk outside and look around me at the beauty of nature's spring, see the spring flowers and smell the exotic fragrances in the air, and I am at once eased. :)

  5. You truly accomplished so much. Please send me some of the enthusiasm to undertake more of that here. Am so glad you can enjoy such lovely weather. Let me know if the herbal liver cleansing tonic is effective, but how will you know?

  6. Just checking in, my dear Suzann, to see how you are doing. Hope all is going weel with you....Are you still "spring cleaning"...? How did that cleabse of the body go?
    I hope it went really well!