Monday, April 30, 2007

Working Outside

That is how I spent my weekend - outside and working hard. I do believe that this is the first Spring since Tom died that I have been REALLY engaged in the gardening instead of doing it "because it needed to be done."

I sincerely enjoyed my weekend. I purchased 10 bags of mulch, hauled them up the hill and mulched the flower beds. I raked the lawn and fertilized. I scrubbed, scraped, sanded and re-stained the deck. I cleaned out the old pots and painted them sunny yellow and cornflower blue.

I did all that and I can still walk :) - I thought for sure I would be unable to move this morning. Good exercise, fresh air and all ready for the gardening season ahead.

The last picture is what the side garden looked like on Friday - the others were taken Sunday. The deck picture was taken in progress - it is now stained and ready to have the outdoor furniture replaced.

Summer is on its way. I am grateful to be here on this planet.


  1. How wonderful Suzann, to once again feel the sense of the soil and getting these things ready for new growth! Bravo, my dear...Can't wait to see what comes up from all this loving care you have given your garden...

  2. Kudos to you Suzann. It looks pretty great to me. I put some flowers in my planters outside over the weekend, and thought that was pretty good....for me. You did a great job...your yard and deck look wonderful.

  3. your garden looks great but makes me feel guilty for how mine looks...

  4. Spring has come to St. Paul at last. Thinking of you as you bring your garden to new life.