Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Snow - Can you believe it?

My sister friend J has been here from Florida - it has been such a lovely few days. We went to see the Race exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota. We shopped, cooked, talked, had a couple of martinis, drank some awfully good wine and just caught up. We had not seen one another since last June.

The precious time - the value of lifelong friendship - the love - the comfort - the knowing that extends back into time and shines for this day. We are blessed.

These pictures are the beautiful tulips on the dining table. Today it is snowing. Spring is JUST around the corner. I know it, I know it, I know it.


  1. Nothing in the world like the friendship which carries history, an understanding that needs no words! So glad you had some of the richness of this gift recently. And, the tulips are lovely! Here's hoping spring lands there soon! I am ready for it myself...the warm sunny days are just heavenly when we have them.

  2. We had our little bit of snow earlier Suzann. It's all melted, and I'm ready for some warmer weather now.....I KNOW you are.

    These tulips are beautiful...I love the color. Sounds like you've been having a really nice visit. I just had one too! Thanks for your wonderful comments at my place sweetie. You know exactly what that visit meant to me...Love, Joy

  3. sounds like a lovely day! The tulip photos are lovely - so bright! - and I hope they are heralding in the spring for you.

  4. Oh I so agree about the comfort of old and dear long time friends...Nothing like it!
    Those are lovelly Tulips, my dear...I cannot believe you are still having snow! I Pray Spring comes to your neck of the woods, soon!

  5. April is the month of all seasons. In Oslo it started out like beginning of May, but the last days of Easter: White as winter.

    Wonderful to hear you had such a good time together. That's makes worth living. And combined with all the colors from Spring Flowers: Wow.

    btw. Sorry for have been "away" for a while. Some reasons are told in my last posts (on both my blogs).

  6. Sounds like a nice and lovely day!
    So beautiful flowers, too!

  7. As was once said to me, "There are no friends, like old friends."