Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mid Week Theater Night

Busy, busy week and now I am on my to the theater.

I have wanted to see Wicked and tonight is the night. A board member of my current client has been in Chicago for a few days. As she departed today, she gifted me with this ticket. This is the first time I will have attended a theater performance since Tom died and I am excited to go, even if it is without him. Oh life - it does move forward.

I return to Minnesota on Saturday and I will catch up with my blog buddies and seriously update this blog - I miss my time writing, reading and sharing with all of you. If I have time I will give you a quick update on my evening tonight or early in the morning. Later.


  1. Oh, have a GREAT time Suzann. Wicked is suppose to be terrific...enjoy!

  2. I hope you enjoyed "Wicked"! Through a very secret way.,..(which I cannot actually blog about) I got to see it right here in my home! I LOVED IT! Very imsaginative and funny as well as quite touching...Wonderful score, too!
    Hope you will share your feelings about it Suzann....