Friday, August 11, 2006

Busy in Chicago

I have been in Chicago for two days and it feels like a week. It has been a very interesting and productive time with my client. One of the board members made arrangements for me to stay tonight through Tuesday at a really upscale Gold Coast Hotel - I just got in and after 14 hours of work today - I feel like a queen - big comfy bed, large windows overlooking the city - wow.

I flew out of Minneapolis/St. Paul airport on Thursday morning and it was crazy. I arrived at the aiport at 5:45 am -- not knowing something weird had happened in the world. It was a madhouse - people were standing in multiple lines, all a mile long. By now you know, no liquids, gels, deoderant, lipstick and many other substances and products were allowed to be carried on the planes.

It was the first day of the security measures and big plastic tubs sat everywhere filled with a diverse array of things. We unwitting travelers had to divest ourselves of all suspicious cargo. Contact lens solution, lip gloss, toothpaste, mouthwash, make-up, lipstick and a myriad of other products, piled up, all waiting to be bagged for the trash.

I arrived at my departure gate at 8:15 am. I am grateful, my flight had been delayed - thus I did not get stuck waiting on standby for another flight.

It is interesting how people behave when things get out of whack like that - most people made the best of it - just trying to hang it and be patient and courteous - after all, we were all in it together. Others, were rude to the airline employees - pushy - impatient. I wanted to say, "Take a deep breath, news flash --- we all might miss our flights." Oh well.

I go home Tuesday night and suppose I should give myself lots of time and bring a book to read in line. It will be so good to go home - I miss my nest.

I am here and I am safe - I am tired and have a very nice dinner waiting on a tray for me - talk to you soon.


  1. Darling Suzann,
    You're the first person I've "talked" to that actually experienced the terror alert first-hand.
    Take special care and hurry home to your cozy nest!

  2. Stopping by to say hello. You seem busy and happy. Good for you. Be safe and be well. Annie

  3. Glad you are in a wonderful hotel room Suzann...that sure can ease a lot, can't? (lol)
    I'm afraid I might just have a Primal if I was still traveling...I'm really not up to all the difficulties of travel anymore...Never was very good with it to begin with except very early in when it was adventure!
    I hope Chicago is a good time in every way....Is is very hot there? It sure is a wonderful city though, isn't it?

    Hope all the work goes well, my dear.

  4. Enjoy your stay here Suzann....I'm in a suburb of ChiTown. This weekend has managed to be pretty nice weather-wise. Enjoy the food and the sights...if you can. Traveling right now is NO FUN....hope your trip back has as few hassles as possible sweetie...thinking of you...

  5. Good to know you are in a grand hotel! What kind of company are you currently overseeing there? Is this the work you will do for a couple of months?

    Safe winds in your flight and much patience in dealing with the security issues in the airports. Travel now is very challenging and sometimes a little scary.

  6. It will be good when you are back all warm and comfy in your own bed but don't you think your trip opened up new vistas and new ways of thinking for you.

    Chicago is a beautiful city. In the past we visited there often on business.

  7. Best regards from NY! » » »