Sunday, August 20, 2006

Spikes to the Heart

So nice to be home - very comforting. I went to the Farmers' Market and the Coop yesterday - saw my beautiful next door neighbor walking down the street in Cathedral Hill and we had lunch together. I made fresh tomatoes and corn for dinner tonight - the perfect August meal.

Today feels like summer - yesterday was the first hint of Autumn. Autumn, for most of my life my favorite season. August, the month I met Tom.

I have been struck in my heart again - I miss my guy. It is different, it does not last as long when it happens ----but it is no less aching, no less painful, no less craving - his touch, his laugh, his hand to hold, his hugs and kisses - our life together that is lost. Oh weeping shadows on the wall. My longing knows no end.


  1. Oh Suzann....I know. I have been thinking about Joel a lot lately too. Just because. My heart is with you sweetie.

    What a magnificent picture....I just love it. -Joy

  2. Oh write about this loss anf longing with so much feeling and in such a way that I feel like I can truly feel your loss anf longing. I know I cannot truly know what this is like for you but I reach out my hand and my heart to you and say 'I understand'.

  3. ...our life together that is lost. Oh weeping shadows on the wall. My longing knows no end.

    Your writing touches me deeply, both in the feeling it contains and the beauty it conveys.

  4. That is a fantastic picture that you chose to illustrate your feelings. I understand them more than you could imagine. I suppose those things come and go for how they affect a person and where you have been busy and now have time to stop and think, that's why it's hitting you now *hugs*

  5. Hello Suzann. I am almost embarrassed to comment after a superb touching post and wonderful comments above this.
    I'll just say 'Hi' and hope you are well and continue with your 'work in progress'.

  6. Glad you're home, Suzann. I just returned from a trip to MN and understand you appreciation of its beauty---though I do not aspire to visit again in winter!

    Once again you've captured the poignantness (is that a word?) of losing a loved one. The sudden, sharp and unexpected pain never totally fades and I'm glad. I would hate to forget.

  7. Suzann. It sounds as if your loss is more immediate when you are home with time to rest and relax and unwind.

    And I agree with Lucy, no matter how much it hurts to remember, you never would want to forget.

    Take care