Wednesday, August 02, 2006

So Much Going On

My life is really moving along ------- wow. Our consulting group just signed a new national client and I am going to take the lead and become their interim CEO for a couple of months. That means I will be doing a fair amount of travel. I have not done an interim gig since Tom died. Six weeks before he passed, I finished doing 3 interim/transition gigs over a two year period and was taking a little break from that type of client work.

During my hard bereavement and the acute phases of my grief journey, no one called upon us to do a transition - and now, just when I have moved to a new phase of the journey - we get the call.

So, I will be moving fast --- I leave for Phoenix tomorrow until next Tuesday night - am home one day and leave for Chicago on Thursday morning. The digital camera is going with me and pictures will be forthcoming.

The Universe does take care of us. No matter what I thought in the recent past, I was not ready for the stress and busyness of an interim gig until now. How has the Universe taken care of you recently ----- I really am interested to hear.


  1. bringing me to seattle was one way - i could no longer tolerate the heat and humidity of an east coast summer.

    preventing us from buying a house until this one was available is another - it had just what we wanted even though we thought we might be able to compromise before we found this one. sooo glad others didn't work out!

    ohhhh your life sounds busy but exciting right now! will you have to live in another city during these months of interim management?

    safe winds...have fun, too!

  2. Interesting question--and I actually wrote to my pleasant synchronicities at Sacred Ordinary today. Congratulations on the new assignments--and for being ready for the challenges when they came. Now Phoenix in the summer is a challenge within itself, but I guess it is hot everywhere--though cooled down beautifully in So Cal. Maybe you'll come here next.

  3. Any chance yoi might get out to Los Angeles on one of these trips Suzann? Wouldn't that be a nice treat!
    It is hard for me to say how the universe has taken care of me lately....I am having some tummy problems today and so don't really feel quite taken care of right now! (lol)

  4. Thinking of you so often dear Suzann. You sound marvelous. I know I'm not only taken care of but nurtured and cherished even when I'm feeling unworthy--and ungrateful! Life is good and I look forward to dying as well. All in GD's time.
    Sending much love,
    PS Superdog and son are delicious.

  5. Excellent, love it! » » »

  6. That's a great story. Waiting for more. » » »