Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Still in Love with the Patio

The weekend absolutely flew by as I worked pretty much nonstop in the backyard - getting all the projects completed that I have put off for the past couple of years.

I just found this picture in my photo archives - it was taken in the Autumn of 2004 and shows how the side garden and the path looked prior to installing the retaining wall and patio.

I am preparing for a really fun party for my birthday in June - friends coming in from different parts of the country and a very special dinner to celebrate my 60th year. It will be fun to have an evening to wine and dine, in my backyard, with the women who mean the most to me ---- but more about that later.


  1. My birthday is in June, too! What's your date? I have a big number coming up...and more about that later, too...
    I hope you will have a wonderful Birthday, Suzann...These 'milestone' Birthdays are something, aren't tyhey?

  2. HI, this is going to sound really strange.........My name is Suzann, yes spelt the same way as yours (which is odd) Elizabeth is my middle name, my parents thought the double "e" looked strange. So anyways, an email forwarded to me, the typical "joke type" said to goggle "name (enter your name) needs a " and see what comes up, well it was your blog "Journey to a new life" that came up.......too strange......too i have really enjoyed, loved, laughed & cried while reading your blog.......I am 36, married 9 years & have 2 kids.....we live in BC, i am not a stalker....or anything "crazy" .....a bit off beat with the sense of humor, but that keeps me sane most days.
    Any how's sorry to drag it on.......just wanted to end by saying you have touched my heart deeply & i grieve with you at the loss of your husband....and also to comment i beleive you are a very strong woman & will continue to touch many.
    Thank you

  3. the new look is fabulous! isn't is wonderful to have such an inviting area to retreat to? it seduces us to be "in the moment" when we have restful, beautiful space. when i sit in ours i usually find a hummingbird near by or a chickadee bathing. yesterday a squirrel crawled within inches of my toe!

  4. Love your patio--and you followed through with the dream. I have a small patio area in my townhouse and I spend so much time there. Yours is very beautiful!

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