Sunday, May 21, 2006


This hot air balloon was floating over Mother's house this morning. I took this picture standing in the driveway early this morning - barefoot - the whoosing of the gas powered flame, the floating uncertainty of the sphere - so close to the house. I am home - the rest of the story will unfold.


  1. Happly I'm back online. What a relief! I've become such an addict---but in a good way. What a happy picture! So good to think about being able to float above things.
    I look forward to the unfolding story!

  2. How cool to see that balloon up close Suzann. I'll be watching for the unfolding. Good to be home, huh?

  3. I haven't been here for a very long time...and I have read your last few posts...I am so sorry that you are facing this situation...Like Lucy, (Who's comments were soooo wonderfully feeling and thoughtful) I see this future too, which I really do not like, at all. This may not be comforting at all, but I feel very much like a certain point...I really want the dignity to continue to that other plane, if there is that other plane, you know? I do think she is very correct in saying this gives you an opportunity...(one I would not want to have, I might add) and I hope you have the strength and the love to be 'The Mother' for your mother if it comes to that. As far as I'm concerned, I think The Golden Age sucks, BigTime! (lol) But I seriouly do feel that it is highly over-rated, especially if one has health problems...! Hello? And so many people do have Health Problems.
    I love the picture of the Balloon..."Up Up And Away...My Beautiful, My Beautiful Balloon...". (Remember that song?) Courage for the unfolding, Suzann.

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