Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I have been reading a widow friend's recounting of the last week of her husband's life - a very moving recollection that she is privately sharing with family, friends and a few widow buddies. I weep as I read each day's installment. She has small children and part of writing this is to preserve the story, the feelings for her sons as they grow up. My heart flies across the miles each day - to her, to her children.

Reading her daily posts thrusts me back in time to our own last week together - the innocence of our last day together, coming home to find him on the floor, the last 4 days by his side, the aftermath of life's sudden destruction. My heart aches for Tom - my heart reaches out to my friend - grief knows no bounds - there is no "getting over it" - the love we shared can never be extinguished. Death ends a life not a relationship.


  1. I've realized that hearing another widow's story is like going to a wedding. At weddings, you get all teary remembering your own; you and your spouse squeeze hands at the tender parts; you get all romantical with each other, and then have some of the sweetest intimate moments afterwards.

    Hearing of another person's loss has the same effect of remembering your own; the tears well up, and the pain seems as fresh as ever.

    Thank you for being willing to walk the road with me and allowing me to walk with you.

  2. I cannot imagine the pain of this loss...It all becomes fresh again, doesn't it? I love that line..."death ends a life not acrelationship"...I remember the first time I encountered that line was in the movie, "I Never Sang For My Father"...(A wonderful film, if you have never seen it...)
    It's so true--whatever the important relationship was...
    You write so wonderfully Suzann...you bring it all 'alive'...and it becomes very present & now...and very very interesting and in this case deeply poignant. Thank you for your heartfelt honesty...

  3. While I know how this reading would tear at my heart I have to say that while my life with the mate has ended, I still have a life to live.

    There are possibilities in each day and I want to make the most of them.

    Right now I am in a holding pattern because what worked for us for so long is working for me still.

    But I will go on and have my life, such as it is, hoping it will get back to being happy and content again - with or without another friend to share it with.

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