Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Project

In 2000, Tom and I designed a stone patio for our backyard - it was to replace a gravel and stepping stone path that sat between the large and the small side flower gardens. Then - POW - on July 11, 2000 - Tom had his first stroke and the patio project went POOF. We had a year of intense recovery for Tom to be able to talk, drive and resume a new normal in life.

Over the years, we often talked about renewing the patio project. However, real life always intruded - taking care of Tom's aging Mom (who died 5 months before Tom at nearly 95) - a second stroke, the end of my Executive Director job and the beginning of my consulting practice, 3 eye surgeries for Tom ---- and then there are all the things that just happen everyday. But we never forgot that the patio was a dream to be realized, "one of these days."

The patio was finished on Thursday - May 25 - I love it and I know that my angel is happy too. I wish you all come sit with me and share a cold drink, a munchie and some good conversation on my patio. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Namaste.


  1. Happy Memorial weekend to you too Suzann. May you have many warm and wonderful moments on that beautiful patio. I know Tom would be pleased.

  2. Words kind of fail me, suddenly become verbally inadequate(schtum?) And those that are looking down on this place, each have a silent tear.
    Bless you, good luck, and if I were closer, I would volunteer to serve the munchies.

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