Sunday, April 30, 2006

Momentum Continues

So, here are some views of my new exercise space and guest room. The treadmill is on the other side of the room and there is a television and VCR just to the right of the Health Rider. I can be on the equipment and watch a program or I can (and do) put in an exercise video (see the step just to the left of the rider) and do other aerobic workouts or use my weights for resistance training. Incorporating daily - committed - exercise has been of such great benefit on this journey - physically, mentally and emotionally.

This room used to be our master bedroom; the memories in that room would bring me to my knees - I have barely slept in our bed since Tom passed. Too many memories - flashes of hugs, heat, kisses, laughter, Sunday breakfast on a tray - in sickness, in health, in love and in sorrow. For so long, walking in there could bring me to my knees with breathless pain.

Transformed by paint, organizing and reconfiguration. It is a healthy new space. Oh, the wonders of the old energies that remain in the room - I feel them still. Now I look to creating a future forged from the past - as this new life is rebuilt.

BTW - Today is one week of being a nonsmoker and I feel wonderful. There are some annoying times but overall I am so committed and ready for this - I am free.


  1. Wow!
    What an inviting space. I really admire you and what you are accomplishing. You seem like such a focused, positive and energetic woman. I admire you. And your writing sometimes takes MY breath away. Keep up the good work. I'll be back to visit.

  2. Yayyy! Non-smoker! That is so very good to hear. The rooms look great---that blue is so appealing to me. Your journry has inspired and inspires me---and in that I know I'm not alone!

  3. Hey - you GO GIRL! What energy and drive! You are just moving down the road and getting so much done in positive ways for your life!

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  5. Lovely and very charming space!

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