Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Happy to be Home

Arrived back in Minnesota last night and it was 72 degrees at 9 pm! No snow left anywhere - hooray. This morning I took my over-wintered pots of plants from the garage - hostas and others already quite big and very pale yellow-green. The lawn is green, the crocus beginning to push up from the ground. Spring - the grand pay-off we get for surviving each winter in this cold northern climate.

A wonderful vacation and a loving time with friends. I had lots of reflection time and now have a plan for the immediate and more long-term future - but more about those things later. I am just happy to be home.

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  1. By all accounts, you had a marvelous time Suzann. But, somehow it's always good to be home. It was great that you kept us updated while you were away...nice pics. Sounds like you have some things planned for the future...anxious to hear about them. Unpack, relax, and take care....