Saturday, April 08, 2006


I can't help but have Tom suddenly come striding through the door here - we visited so many times. This time I have been sleeping in the guest room and in the bed we always used - a couple of nights I have awakened slightly to roll over and put my arm around him and yes, it is just an empty place beside me.

Memories can haunt - memories can make you smile - memories can bring you to your knees. Today, I choose to smile. Forever in my heart -- my darling, Tom.


  1. I'm so happy you're having this wonderful visit with your dear friend. There will always be memories Suzann. I hope you find a smile at the end of every one of them.

  2. Lovely, Suzann. There's always a little anxiety about going back to places that were special to us. Yes, I have found tears there, but also tender sweetness and a renewed awareness of his continuing presence with me.

    -- Pentha

  3. Just found your blog and added you to my favorites. I will be following you and hope that all continues to go well for you. Your life with Tom brought you such comfort and happiness. It seems by reading about you that you are a special lady. (Your kitchen remodel looks great!) I am recovering from ending my long bad marriage and although it's not the same as your situation, it too carries with it much sadness, memories, and a daily journey as I take one step and one day at a time. Regards, Annie Hall

  4. Suzann,
    As usual your prose seems more like poetry to me. Such a pleasure to read!

    I'd really like to know more about you and Tom. I've picked up bits and pieces from your archives but perhaps I missed something that tells the whole story. If so, please direct me---I love to hear memories and anecdotes.

    Have a safe trip home and a week of peace.
    Your toes are stunning!

  5. I'm glad I found your blog. I too lost a loved one, my 6 year old son in 2000. Yes death may take our loved one but the memories will always be in our heart.