Saturday, January 28, 2006


Woo Hoo! I have now leased both sides of the duplex with great tenants. I feel blessed - 215 tenants move in on February 11 and 217 tenants on March 1. Patience paid off - I showed those darned things so many times but have been picky and treated it like a business. I think both of the tenants will get along too - which was important to the overall scheme of things.

It is Saturday morning and I have been up since early - listening to music, cleaning up a bit after a crazy busy week and just enjoying the early morning hours including a lovely sunrise. It is supposed to be 54 degrees here today. Toto, are we in Minnesota????????????

There is still snow on the ground and it feels like spring is on the way - makes me want to dig in the dirt - be not fooled - this is Minnesota after all. We could (and probably will) be slammed with a huge snow storm one of these days soon. Oh well, I am grateful for the fabulous weather for the weekend.

I am going to breakfast with Bonnie this morning and then to Battle Creek Park for a nice walk. Then off to purchase some nice candles (good smells) and then do whatever strikes my fancy.