Saturday, January 21, 2006


Good Morning - well I am off to paint in the duplex this morning. John is going to meet me and install the new cooktop and pull up the living room carpet. Hope that the hardwood floors under the carpet are in good shape {with fingers crossed}

I am going to primer the second bedroom and hopefully get most of the kitchen painted today. Then paint the bedroom tomorrow. I like the colors I picked out - a smoky, blue-gray for the kitchen and a warm neutral called "Sea Oats" for the bedroom. There are a million little things needing to be done so I can get top rent for it. Installing a handrail to the lower level, installing a clothes rod in the downstairs bedroom closet, filling little nail holes - whew! John promised me a day of work this week while I go off to my clients and earn the dough to pay him. Oh well - this is a long term investment strategy.

My OTHER job. Happy Saturday.