Thursday, January 05, 2006


I have not been sleeping well for the past four nights. Sleep for an hour and then up. I have not a clue why this is happening. I finally decided to just get up and blog at 2 am. I don't have anything until 11 am so I can sleep in if need be.

At least my body is healing and I have been out of the house and working. Still won't be doing the 50 yard dash or the hurdles for awhile - but sweet relief.

Dendros is really busy - that's good, new clients - new work - interesting projects. I thought I had the right side of the duplex rented and then it fell through but I am showing it tomorrow night. I refuse to get agitated about it. It will happen as it is meant to - no stress.

I am committed to moving the Grief Support Project forward. Have decided to file for a 501(c)(3) and start the planning process. Just the thought of it ignites my soul. I have lunch with Ann and Hope on Friday and will discuss next steps with them - just here, trying to take this one dream and make it real.