Thursday, January 26, 2006

Valentine's Day World

I have been in stores in the last couple of days to get things for the duplex and for the retreat we are doing today for a client ---- Target was like "Valentine World" --- I had momentary "store" pangs of missing my baby darling. Not like times last year when I would just leave my cart and go to my car and cry -- but the sudden and unexpected knife cut to the heart of longing for him.

Last night as I got in bed to read - with the big pillow in the empty space beside me, I had a momentary flash of how far I have come to find comfort and solace in my own company and the new life I am building.

So here I am climbing out of my chasm of despair and carrying my lessons learned with me - now it is making meaning out of life's sudden destruction and the journey that is thrust upon one.