Thursday, December 04, 2008

New Look for the Diningroom

I have wanted to "finish" the diningroom since the remodel in 2005 and just didn't get to it until November. I think the new area carpet really finishes the room. (Can you see Miss Kitty under the chair?)

I have an icky cold and am trying to kick it for the second time in as many weeks. I am taking another round of Chinese herbs and have an acupuncture appointment tomorrow afternoon. Here I am - in my fuzzy slippers and big warm sweatshirt just sipping tea and making a big pot of Chicken Soup!!

My time with my friend V was really nice. I am looking forward to my trip to Seattle.

Good news about my mother. She is now out of the walking cast and can move about without the aid of a walker. She also says the doctor doesn't want her to use her cane either. I suspect the doctor told her to use the cane at times but she would never share that with me.

She will begin in-home rehab shortly and has been told that she can no longer do outdoor, fitness walks and should never kneel again. She has healed much better than they expected at her age. I am grateful.

She says she will slow down now and "stop running around like a crazy person" - what that means is Mother spends a great deal of time moving so fast that she is out of her body a lot of the time. For instance, you cannot put even a used tissue in the bathroom waste basket and expect that it will be there in half an hour - she runs around and picks the tissue out of the basket to throw in the trash. Sigh.

Things feel so much better now that I have just relaxed into the now with her. It is her life - these are her adult decisions - there are things she is doing that are dangerous and can have far reaching negative consequences for her - still, those are her adult decisions.

It is very cold in St Paul - we are back in our boots and gloves. I put the small shovel and the window scraper in the car this afternoon. Winter - I love living in four seasons, it is good for the body and soul.

Talk to you soon...................


  1. Suzann,
    you are so right when saying it's her life (your Mother's).
    Believe me, I do know a lot of that.
    My Mother is 89 and have gone trough all "prosesses" until she realized to "relaxe" where she now lives.

    (We had a too short time together to talk about our Mothers and the challenges included. But I remember you called her and also left tho phone to J)

    I'm really happy you had a great time with V in WA. That's so important.For you.

    I must admit I miss our personal talks. And the way you care about people - not talking but doing.
    It's so alike our lifestyle.

    That's why I want to meet you again, and so says Anna. She feels we are a kind of Family.

    the Atlantic

  2. Your dining room looks great. I love that color combo. I have red in my house also on some walls and have never tired of it.

    It's good your attitude toward your mother and plans. We have to do that or we get sick. I also have a cold which I got after having my teeth cleaned on Wednesday. I am hoping Zicam knocks it sooner than later.

  3. Sounds like you've come to a good healthy place for you relative to the choices your mother makes. Glad to hear she has responded so well to her P.T. and is up and about.

    Your dining room does look lovely. Am sure you must feel good about that accomplishment just as I do about finally getting my oven replacement.