Friday, December 05, 2008

What is Your Blog's Myers-Briggs Type

I found this cool little website, Typealyzer. You input the url of your blog and it gives you a little Myers-Briggs analysis of your blog. My blog is an ESFP, which is different than my personality inventory when I took it as part of my job in the early 1990's. The site is just for fun - try it if you need a quick little diversion.

I am still sick and stayed home from work today - spent the day in bed, napping, reading, sipping tea and playing with my new (gasp) IPhone!! I so hope I awake feeling much better tomorrow. Talk to you soon.


  1. Sorry you're sick and hope you feel better soon. I found this recently and used it with each of my URLs ... and got different results for each which I shared last Thursday. Have you seen the Gender Analyzer? It's fun too ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. I had taken that before and didn't also match up with my personality which I had done some while back. My blog comes out ISTP and still did when I just did it again with a new blog-- The Mechanic. That's not my personality at all, I don't think...

    and i have a cold; so total sympathy. It descended on my bronchial passages 24 hours after having my teeth cleaned at the dentist! ack! So I am also using hot tea and zicam hoping it will start to disappear today, its third day

  3. I'm going to link to this in the next few days. I'm an ENFJ but my blog is ESFP, the performer. It is fun! Hope you are feeling better by now, Suzann. Thanks for stopping by Sacred Ordinary a few times lately.

  4. They come up with an answer so quickly I'd be curious as to the criteria used. Wonder if they look just at the most recent post, so the results could change based on whatever is written from one time to the next. Or, maybe that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with it. Certainly, my most recent post would qualify with the ISTP - The Mechanics category which they assign me.

    I'm sure in a number of other posts there would be a lot more right hemisphere and feeling involvement. I do know, confirmed not always too favorably by my writing class, I often intentionally distance myself from the direct personal feeling expression.