Monday, December 08, 2008

We Are One People

Filmmaker Mark Johnson traveled around the globe getting street musicians and others to record part of the track for Stand By Me. Using battery powered equipment and a pocket full of Frequent Flier miles he got tracks from dozens of performers. Each one was able to wear headphones and hear what the other performers had done.


  1. I loved that Suzann....Hugs to you...I hope you're feeling better...

  2. I saw him and this on Bill Moyers last Friday...It is truly fantastic...!
    Thanks for your kind words Suzann...I'm better than I was. Not 100% but, hopefully, on the way. And you, my dear?

  3. Suzann, thanks for stopping by with your warm wishes.

    Hope you are feeling better. How about some hot chicken soup, even if it comes from a can it still can do wonders!