Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I am a work in progress

One of the things I do for a living is to provide facilitative leadership for organizations in transition. For the past two years, around the anniversary of Tom's death, I have taken time to reflect upon and facilitate my own change.

During my solitary retreat the week leading up to Tom's angel day, I facilitated my goal setting for the next year. It took most of the week to create these strategic directions at the left. The little piece of paper in the lower right hand corner says, "Live in the Moment." I did not rewrite the flip chart - what you see is the final product of the week of remembering, crying, reflection, and looking forward.

Last year my goals were so much more about basic survival (that flip chart page still hangs on the back of the door) - those goals were things like: drink water, walk, read, write, sleep, eat nutritious food, quit smoking (woo hoo - I did!) get enough sleep ------ very simple survival actions.

The year ahead is still full of memories and tears - but the pain is mitigated by time and gratitude. It will never be over - but my life goes on for now. Next steps, to write a little plan for my strategic directions. Life moves on - death is final - live today - live in the moment, it is the only one we have for sure.

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  1. Hi, this post is hard to comment. Most people have either first or second hand knowledge of what you have been through. And giving advice is risky: Can hurt one person, encourage another.
    However, I wish you from the bottom of my heart the very best for you in the years to come.
    As the neighbours told my mothers cousin in Portland,OR, when her husband suddenly died many years ago : You have so many friends and family to care about - and we all love you for what you are and allways have been for us. In the age of 97, she went all the way to Oslo, Norway, with her grandson. Walked around downtown Oslo for 3 1/2 hour, without a single rest. And she was rookie of the year in Ballroom Dancing in Seatle when she was 96. She passed away in the age of 99. I still wipe when I think about that lady.