Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Home from the City by the Bay

Now that my mother can no longer drive, I take an airporter bus from the San Francisco Airport to Yountville. In earlier times, my folks had two places one on the Penninsula and the wine country house - they split their time between the two. That meant, when I came home, I was able to spend time in the City. San Francisco is a beautiful city - here are pictures I snapped from the bus on the way across the Bay Bridge.

MMMMMMM it is really nice to be home - got home late last night after a delayed flight. So delicious to burrow down in my own bed. I slept until 11 this morning. OMG, how lazy. I awoke to a foggy, rainy day - still warm but the cold is on the way. Snow is forecasted tomorrow. Happy girl, home and warm with soup stock simmering on the stove. Sounds like potato leek soup is on the menu for tomorrow.


  1. I'm glad your visit to your mom in Yountville went well, Suzann. I also love visiting the Bay area. I went to college in San Jose when I was a sweet young thing. Is it cold in St. Paul now? Thanks for visiting S.O.

  2. so much catching up to do. have been visiting my parents, too. my mom is quite ill.

    wow - you are from one of my favorite areas! i love pt reyes and sausalito! the bay area is lovely. we were there twice last year and i am sure will be there again soon. we stayed in pacifica and loved being oceanfront.

    just saw your entry about tom - the one with jane kenyon's poem. did you read the book donald hall, poet and jane's husband, wrote during her illness and death - the best day, the worst day? or the book of poems he wrote about the same called without? both are very important pieces of work which helped him move through the intense pain of the journey, but it was years before donald hall began to truly "live" again.

    i love your posts about your visit, and understand fully how nice it feels to be back home. glad you had safe travels. :)

  3. Sounds like you had a pretty cozy day yesterday Suzann. Aren't they the best? It's especially nice after you've been away or traveling. Beautiful pictures. My daughter lives right outside of San Fran....it really is a beautiful place.

  4. That is all beautiful country. I know how it is to be back home though and appreciate that also. Even when the company comes here, it's nice to be back to normal when the holiday is past-- my cats especially think so.

  5. I have the sense Suzann that you are a very very good cook! And that soup sounds very very enticing right about nowq! Yummm!
    San Fransisco surely is one of the GREAT Cities isn't it? But, home and one's own bed...Nothing like it, is there?

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