Monday, November 20, 2006

Autumn in the Wine Country

One of the most wonderful things about coming home -- I took these pictures around the corner from the house. Stag's Leap in the mist - vineyards decked out in the Autumn colors.

We ate Dungeness Crab for supper & whole wheat sour dough bread with excellent extra virgin olive oil - lemons picked right off the tree in the side yard. Steely cold Chardonnay - heaven right here on earth.


  1. When I was in the wine country last month for my daughter's wedding, I just couldn't believe how beautiful it was. Some of the most amazing scenery I've ever seen. It was just starting to show its autumn colors. I can imagine how gorgeous it is now. Enjoy your time there Suzann...Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family sweetie.

  2. How beautiful. You lucky thing, you.