Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Almost Done

I have been home since last Thursday and just working to transition this transition to a new Interim Director. Blessings abound. The new director starts on Monday and he is fabulous. I will be leaving for Chicago on Sunday afternoon for the last trip on this transition.

This project has been all consuming. I believe that their new person, Dr. K is the right leader for the time. He is ready to take them on the next steps of this journey. I think he is the leader for the long haul. What does success look like in doing this messy and crazy work? In a year, the organization stands on the hill in the sunshine - Mission Matters.

Some of the tough stuff is - I am approaching the second anniversary of Tom's spirit passing. I am meeting my obligations. I have moments that tear at my heart. I suppose being busy is what it is - I did give myself much time to grieve in the first year. Grieving now so different, not gone that's for sure.

I have reflections on the closure of the second year - but not now. Reflections in a day or two. Now I have to go and visit all my darling blog buddies. My heart to yours - across the miles.

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