Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Word for the Day - is a feature from, which is a wonderful website that happens to be my homepage. Each day I receive an inspirational quotation in my inbox. Today's quote jumped right up in my face as it seems to describe my life right now. I have taken a deep breath and moved on in my grieving. It is a relief - a stopping place of sorts for now - to catch my breath - to reflect on the meaning of the journey in a new way.

I live in a place that I love, doing work that I love - a place to abide. I have many new ideas for my work and am blessed to be encouraged and supported to take risks and do those things by my business partner, JSB - a place from which to move forward. I love my home but don't feel overwhelmingly attached to it - I am open to change, to transformation, to the mysteries of life and spirit. A good place to remain and a place from which to go on.

Early in my widowhood, I felt compelled to make changes - I did not make those huge changes because those ahead of me on the widda road cautioned against hasty changes in the midst of raw grief. I no longer feel compelled to make those huge changes. I am open to what happens next - we make our choices and our choices make us. The journey continues.

PS After I posted the above thoughts, I visited one of my favorite writers, artists, thinkers - Rain - who blogs at Rainy Day Thoughts. On Monday, she posted a wonderful piece on choices and how our decisions impact our lives. Drop by her site - it's always worth reading.


  1. Slowly, but surely, your zest for life is returning. I was touched by the change of photos in your Tom shadow box. What a nice looking man he was.

  2. Your handsome Tom must be smiling upon you as you travel forth in your journey, finding ways to embrace your love while letting go of your pain. I am so glad you are sharing your journey with us - we all have much to learn about grief. Thank you.

  3. I'm grateful I found your blog and do like reading your process, how you are working through things, the relationships you have with your friends :)

  4. Hallo I absolutely adore your site. You have beautiful graphics I have ever seen.

  5. Keep up the good work
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