Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independence Day

Happy Fourth to all my friends and loved ones. Have fun and stay safe.

By the way, I am happy to share with all of you that today is my 72nd day of independence from smoking cigarettes.

I am and will remain a joyful nonsmoker.


  1. Congratulations for your 72nd day of independence from smoking cigarettes. Well done!
    And I wish to you a Happy Independence Day! Happy Birthday America, Happy 4th of July!!!
    I hope you all enjoy your Celebrations!

  2. Beautiful Suzann,
    Just back from a short trip to Santa Fe with the family. Exhausting but fun. I got such a kick out of the party photos. What a very special night! Hope your Fourth was wonderful and that you are VERY proud of your independence from smoking. I'm so relieved and happy to hear it!

  3. Love your party photo's, Suzann.., The Tiara Chronicles are wonderful!
    I congratulate you on your 72 days smoke-free! GOOD FOR YOU, MY DEAR!
    Hope your 4th was a lovely one!

  4. Great party pictures! So proud that you are a former smoker. What a great gift you have given yourself and all who love you. Annie

  5. Hi Sweetie....

    Love the Tiara Chronicles...what fun. Sounds like your party was a hit.

    As for your 74 days of non-smoking (as of today)...you know how I feel about that. That alone warrants some fireworks! Congrats Suzann....

  6. good going on the quitting smoking. I have enjoyed seeing you and your friends celebrating. How wonderful to have such a rich resource of friends.

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