Sunday, July 02, 2006

Tiara Chronicles Part III


  1. LOL! LOVE these photo's Suzann...! I haven't been on in a few days so I hadn't seen both these Tiara Posts! (I saw the first one where you showed us the Tiara...). These are delightful! It must have been fun for everyone to put it on...!
    Looks like you all were having a very very good time!

  2. Really cute photos. We have just got to get you some captions for them.

    Be back in a little while.....

  3. I’m….Baaaaaack!
    Okay….here we go!

    Top Row – Left to right

    Oh my God, oh my God…..I can’t believe I won?

    Can I have another of what ever that last drink was?

    Second Row – Left to right

    So then I said to Dorothy and Toto, “Lighten up - I’m the good witch!”

    Knock it off. Go ahead….I dare you!

    Intended all in good fun of course… :) :) :)

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