Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Quick Update

Wow - what a busy week - my real job is unusually action packed these days. Busy is a good thing when you are a consultant and small business owner but it really interferes with blogging and other pursuits. :)

Just wanted to say that today is my 94th day as a nonsmoker. I am happy and sailing right along. One of the "rewards" that I set up when I began the nonsmoking trip was to buy an ipod as soon as I had saved enough money from not buying nasty icky sticks. I bought my IPod a week and a half ago!!

So empowering to set goals and meet them --- life's challenges make us strong. What goals have you set for yourself recently - I would love to hear.


  1. WTG...I'm soo proud of you on the no smoking..
    you are doing so good..
    I'm thinking if I want to set any more goals or not..

  2. yayyyyyy!! :))

    i did that, too, when i stopped smoking many years ago. i spent the money on fun things for me for a while. now that they cost so much more than they did then, you will soon be able to save enough money for a major resort vacation!

  3. Congratulations, on the 94h day and on your reward, which you richly deserve. Keep up the good work.

  4. Congratulations Suzann. I'm sooo priud of you! And to think you have saved enough money to buy an iPod! FANTASTIC!!!

    I haven't really set to many goals lately...just trying to get through the committments I have right now...I really do need to do that are inspiring me.

  5. One big hug sent your way Suzann....

    I'm trying to lose weight...that's always been MY it HAS to be my reality because of Health Insurance. Wish me luck. I hope I'm as successful as you.