Thursday, July 13, 2006

Widows are Gathering in Minnesota

I am very excited. For the past six months, another widow and I have been planning a widow/widower gathering in Minnesota. We have 20 people arriving from all around the country beginning tomorrow until Sunday afternoon. We will have over 25 in attendance with the Minnesotans. All the folks who are attending are from the online grief support group - GROWW.

With the exception of Tigger, who is the co-chair with me, I have not met any of the people who are arriving - yet I feel as if they are friends. It will be wonderful to put faces with names and to sit with others who walk the widowed road.

As a new widow, GROWW saved my sanity. I signed on to the chatroom just about every night for months. Some nights all I could do was read what was being written and sob into my keyboard. GROWW folks reached across the gulf and held me close when I did not know what to do next. They were the ones who told me that I wasn't going insane - I was grieving and all those horrific thoughts, inability to concentrate, raw pain, disconnection, confusion, and on and on and on - were normal to the territory. They told me - "it will get better, even if you don't think it will." And they were correct.

I am looking forward to holding them close this weekend in gratitude.


  1. How exciting! You continue to amaze me with your resourcefulness! Have a wonderful time connecting in person. :) (Isn't the internet fascinating in the way it provides connections? I would never have imagined this as a child.)

  2. What a very cool group Suzann. I can only imagine what a wonderful, warm time you will have with these ladies....have the kleenex ready for both tears and laughs.

  3. It's amazing all the things that the internet can do for us. Hope your time together with the other widows is enriching for you all. Seems like a great idea

  4. Darling Suzann,
    GROWW. What a wonderful organization. I agree with Rain---the internet is a lifesaver for so many people.
    I'm still percolating but am having trouble with my hands so this will be a short comment. So good catching up on your posts.

  5. This is amazing, Suzann; first time I've heard of online grief support groups, but it makes perfect sense. And now you'll meet. I have met many of my cyberfriends over the years and on only one occasion was I disappointed. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. You know how I feel about getting together with my online widow friends. It's Monday morning, and I am eager to hear about your experience!

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