Friday, April 30, 2010

Wish You Were Here

Standing on my back porch this morning with misty rain hanging in the trees, coffee in hand and the incredible perfume of lilacs scenting the air.   Both last night and this morning all I could do was stand outside and breathe in their heady aroma.  There is lots more fragrance to come as they are just beginning to bloom. 

My major pursuit this week has been fundraising for my client - writing and getting out funding proposals.  I completed all that was priority on my list this morning and here it is -- Friday!!  I am so happy.  I accomplished so much this week and am anticipating the weekend ahead.  

My new bed arrived and I am in heaven - I got a wonderful night's sleep last night.  I have not been sleeping well - the old mattress must have contributed to my restlessness.  Good sleep, good health. 

Happy, Happy Friday -

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  1. nothing much compares to the sweet scent of lilacs in bloom. i am inhaling that delightful fragrance each day as one of ours begins to open on the courtyard patio. combined with the musky scent of the sweet alyssum flowing from the pots at the corners of the courtyard wall, this perfume is quickly becoming addictive.