Friday, April 02, 2010

A sure sign of Spring

That's right one of the ways to know it is Spring and Summer at my house is that my bedroom changes from the deep burgundies, purple, and golds of the winter bed dressings to these light and airy cream and gold quilts and shams.

Today I worked in my home office and found some time to do a bit of spring cleaning in my room.

One nice thing about being back in my right (or left) or leftover mind is that I am actually remembering to do things on a timely basis. And so today when I changed the bed,  I realized the Cream and Gold Set was in a dry cleaner bag all done up and hanging in the downstairs closet.  Oh happy day.

Today it rained and rained - and we need it so badly.  April showers and all that jazz and my beautiful ready for summer bed.

I am on my way out to dinner with a girlfriend I have not seen for awhile.  A wonderful weekend is ahead.  Enjoy your Friday evening.


  1. I do the same thing! In the fall and winter, my bedroom is deep greens and rusts. Come spring, it's the same "colors" but in pastel tones. L

    I love having the changing seasons reflected inside.

  2. exciting new seasonal changes in every aspect...landscape, clothing, entertainment, hobbies, comfort zone, floral displays, food preparation (grilling vs soups/stews), etc. i never thought much about the extent to which our lives change with the season until now.

    our bedroom changes, too, but it is still too cool for the heavier winter blankets to come off and for lighter bedding to come out. we have slipped back into the high 30s at night and were only in the 40s for highs this week. such strange weather. there was even snow in puget sound last week, but thankfully not at our home!