Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rest and Relaxation

I am in the midst of taking a few days off - it has been a long, long time since I have taken time just for me.  My time off started yesterday and I will go back to work next Tuesday - not a long time but enough.  I rarely take a work break without going to my mother's or going on some other family related trip.  That is not bad, I am blessed to have family that love me and I am blessed to still have my mom on the planet.   However, time just for me - that is a luxury.  I know that sounds weird when I live by myself and do have solitary time but time without responsibilities and strategies and finance and leadership and busyness that has been in short supply.  My current contract is over the end of June and then I will take a much longer break but for now - I treasure this time.

Yesterday I hung out, ran errands, purchased a  new mattress for my bed - more on THAT later and went to bed early.  Lately, I have been feeling like I "hit the wall" and no matter how much sleep I get I am still tired before the end of the day.  No wonder!   I have spent the last nearly 14 months working in organizations in crisis whose missions are to work with families in crisis.  As I have said, "this is my shelter period."  That in itself can be draining and while leadership transitions are rewarding they are always challenging.   

So, here I am recharging my batteries.  Today, I cleaned and organized some closets that have been bugging me; I filled two large bags with donation items; I worked on my outdoor garden project and pulled weeds in the flower beds and now I am getting ready to go to New Beginnings for a four-hour Spa experience.

I have been outside taking Spring photos and will post pics and other things later.  Rest and relaxation - walking, journaling, gardening, organizing, napping, reflecting and just having a darn good time.   I think there is an art project embedded in here somewhere too.   More to come.........................


  1. Good for you! All that you have planned sounds wonderful - fun and restoring!

  2. Suzann, you really deserves some days off, focusing on you.
    It's very important when you for several years have been focusing on others but yourself.
    Personal wear and tear is not the very best in your profession.
    I know you are aware of that simple fact.
    And I'm happy to read you for once take a brake - even a short one.

    Hope to see more potos from your enclosed "sancturay".
    You know I felt at home there. Remember?

    btw. We will be in the Oslo area most of this Summer.
    Turkey 3-12 July and then the OsloBG 18-21 August.
    And you may have noticed my converastion with Joan on FB. That's great.
    Hope to see you soon, dear sister across the pond