Tuesday, May 04, 2010

In My Backyard

I had a wonderful weekend working on my outdoor project that I briefly mentioned in a previous post.  There is a portion of my lawn just in front of my rose garden beds that is difficult to grow grass - between the pine trees and the shade it is a constant battle.  So - I made a new outdoor sitting room by covering the lawn to kill the grass, put down landscape cloth and covered it with mulch and ringed it with river rocks.

I also scrubbed the deck, mulched the gardens, dug and discarded my beautiful burning bush that the rabbits destroyed over the winter.

I moved the outdoor dining table to the deck and I think it looks nice. 

Next weekend I will begin to plant the herb gardens, get a few annuals in the ground, and then plant my veggie pots.  How I love the Spring and Summer - digging in the dirt, sun in my hair, pure heaven.


  1. My dear Sister across the Pond:
    I do think you have created a great solution in your Back yard.
    It looks both beautiful and very practical.
    A combination that matters for well-beeing.

    Hope to cross the Pond in 2011. And seeing you again;))