Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rain and Things

It has rained here for the last few days.  We do not see a lot of rain in Minnesota - except the frozen or cold, fluffy kind.  I grew up in the west where we had rain - rain and rain and rain.  I have fond memories of being snug inside my cozy grade school classroom with with the smell of wet wool wafting from the coat room.  It felt so good to be where it was warm and lighted with the gray skies outside the window pouring rain.   Today felt like one of those days for me.  Of course I was working and not home in front of the fire with a mug of cocoa and good book - oh well.  It was comforting anyway and it is sooo much better than the white fluffy stuff that brings us those gross March snow storms.

I feel like I have turned a bit of a corner in my transition work with the current client.  That is so good to know in my bones.  It is not over by any means but some of the larger obstacles and angst in the organizational transition have begun to resolve themselves.  The client is extending my contract through May and so I will continue to be busy but not as crazy.

Can you please continue to remember my friend Amy in your prayers.  Amy was recently released from the hospital and now has hospice care at home.  She is an amazing woman - I met her in the early days of my widowed journey in a chatroom/support site for the widowed.  Amy had been widowed many years before and met her current husband on the widowed site (yes, he too was widowed).  They are wonderful people and have 7 children between them including a seven year old.  Please send golden light, prayers, and all good thoughts to their family.  Amy lives here in Minnesota - she was one of those that gave me hope that there was a new life out there - it was just out of sight right then.

I hope everyone is looking forward to a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.  I will try to be more faithful again in my blogging.  Now, off to push-ups.  YES, one of my 2010 Intentions - at least 25 push-ups 5 days a week.  Take care.


  1. Oh, how sad for your friend Amy. I will add her to my prayer list. Sounds like spring is coming soon, yes?

  2. I think it's great that you are still at work and gives so much to others as you certainly do.
    Then you also have something in return.
    That's great.

    Here we still have snow, but a least day temperatures above freezing point and lot's of sunshine.

    I've got a cold again. Combined with high blood pressure, I'm a bit concerned.
    But as allways: I'm born optimist.

    We will visit our Daughter Ingelin and her new Family in Germany during the Easter. Palm Sunday until Long Friday.

    The "old" Cats are happy they have no Kittens around. Hehehe. They seems very realxed.

    big hugs
    across the Pond

  3. so good to see you here again.

    your writing about the rainy days in elementary school really allowed me memories i had forgotten. i thank you for that. it was a nice journey in my mind's eye; even the smells of those long-ago mornings drifted back. :)

  4. keeping amy and her family and friends in my thoughts and prayers.