Sunday, March 21, 2010


For the past few years I have been planning to get a tattoo.  The tattoo is to mark a rite of passage in my grief journey.  I told myself that I wouldn't do this until I was sure that I was back in my body and in my right mind.  So, here I am back in my body and future focused. 

The tattoo I am planning is a dragonfly.  In Native American culture dragonflies symbolize renewal and of course, I love the legend of the dragonfly, which is about the spirit of our lost loves still being with us after "that transformation humans call death." 

April 9th, my friend Deb and I are going to the tattoo place and I am going to get it done.  I have been looking at designs today.  Here is one I like:

I have thought so much about this and one big consideration is where to put it?  I thought I would have it in a place that was more "hidden" and now I have decided to put it on the top of my forearm just below my wrist.  It's my body and my tattoo. 

So here goes the next step on this journey.  Perhaps this sounds weird but for me it has been a long-time coming and I knew I would know when that day came.   It's here!!

What do you all think of this design????


  1. love the dragonfly. I got my first tattoo at 52!

  2. Actually, I love that design's beautiful. Although I don't imagine I'll ever get a tattoo...I admire you for getting something you've wanted for a long time. Cheers! Love, Joy

  3. It's beautiful! Will you add colors?

  4. This is a lovely depiction of a dragonfly. I admire you for going forward with your tattoo and choosing to place it so that it is visible to others. I think it will be inspirational for you and others.


  5. very pretty design. brave woman - they would have to anesthetize me! hope it is not too painful.

  6. That's a design even I could have considered.
    But, I leave my body as is. When I return back to US, You must show it to me, OK?

    I'm happy to hear you are about to end this terrible and difficult journey of grief. But after all, you know your journey with Tom from the very beginning and he will allways be a most important part of you.

    April 9, well that's a date that matters in Norway:
    The Nazi Germans invided Norway that Date in 1940.
    April 10th 1945? My Birthday;))
    I think I'll have Champagne and a large Cigar and a great meal. After all, it's a Saturday;))

    Big hugs from
    the other side of the Pond

    PS. We will be in Germany (Ingelin's Famlily) from Sunday to Friday. Easter Vacation.

  7. Greetings - I found your blog via Rain. I love the tat - it is simple and elegant and it has deep meaning for you. Can't wait to see it on you!