Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring

Hooray!  We made it through another winter.  Spring begins at 12:32 pm - 3 hours and 9 minutes from now.  I am so happy and look forward to digging in the dirt, blooming roses in the backyard and sitting on the patio with sun on my face. 

I have not been feeling too well this week and have been mucho busy with work and so am just taking it really slow this weekend.  I just finished cleaning the house and it looks so good.  Deb is coming at 2 pm to give me a massage.  I am reading a really interesting book:  Nudge - I started it late last night and immediately fell asleep however, I am looking forward to spending time reading it this morning.

The photo is one of the Parrot Tulips in a big jug on my dining room table - isn't nature incredible?  Natural art that takes your breath away. 
It has been in the sixties here in the Twin Cities (although it is cool today) - it has been glorious to walk outside without hat, scarf, gloves and being buttoned up in heavy coats.  Yes!!! 

I hope whatever you are doing today you are celebrating the arrival of Spring - the season of new beginnings. 

1 comment:

  1. Those tulips are really wonderful.
    Have never seen them over here, even though we live much closer to the origin of Tulips: Turkey.
    But we will, yeah, to Turkey this summer to visit Ingeli's FIL and MIL in Istanbul and down south in Bodrum.

    Here, we still wait for Spring. Outside it's inches of snow. Grrrr.