Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dreams of Spring

We have been enjoying the most wonderful weather here in Minnesota.  Brilliant sun, clear blue skies, and temps in the 40's - yesterday it was warmer here than in Jacksonville, Florida!! 

This has been a tough winter everywhere - and like most, I am ready for Spring!  Yesterday I put my snowman and snow-woman collection away and brought out the pastel, the bunnies, the chickies and all the little things that shout new beginnings - rebirth and the warming earth outside my window.

Here is my table dressed for Spring - beautiful yellow and pink striped tulips.  My little bunny pulling a wagon full of tiny pink chicks.  
Today I am taking my dear friend Bonnie for Brunch to celebrate her Birthday.  Two years ago, I had a little birthday party for Bonnie at my house and we had one of the most brutal snow storms we have had in quite awhile.  Bonnie ended up staying two days while we dug out.  Here are some photos of that weekend. 



Thank goodness today is 45 degrees and the snow is melting.  I am happy to spend time with Bonnie today and celebrate her special day.  So I leave you with dreams of Spring.   From the barren depths of Winter comes grace, healing, warmth and rebirth - Namaste.


  1. What a lovely table centerpiece. I am enjoying spring here too and the first daffodils are out as well as the trees beginning to blossom (more at lower elevations than at the farm). We had quite a bit of rain but it has cleared off again and I want to get pictures of some of our pinto lambs, the first born here in more than a few years. They are so adorable.

  2. Lots of snow still here. But it is nice to hold on to thoughts of spring. Enjoyed all your photos and the memories of the snowstorm. The words you ended with "Grace, healing, warmth and rebirth" were inspiring and I jotted them down in my little notebook to glance at now and then to be reminded that the snow will soon melt.

    As you are from Minnesota, I have been dreaming of taking a trip to the town of Excelsior sometime, when I can in the future.

  3. What a lovely post. Even in Texas we've had an unusually cold winter, but in March and April the bluebonnets will be in bloom. At last! Best wishes, Thelma

  4. i had a lovely walk in the gardens today to search for newly blooming spring flowers and discovered the light scent of perfume the hyacinths are sending into the air. what a wonderful way to begin my day. surrounded by purple, pink, magenta, yellow, white, and lavender i found my way back to the courtyard and stood there in awe! we are having such a delightful spring, and i am stunned at the buds in the lilacs and on the rhododendrons. 2 rhodies are already in bloom!

    so glad you are enjoying your early spring as well. you deserve it after a cold, snowy winter. until i met you i had no idea what a winter in minnesota was like. wondering how v is feeling about the difference! ;)

  5. You are a really caring person, and I'm sure Bonnie appreciate. Like I did when I was your guest.
    Here we still have frost.
    In fact every Day since before X-Mas.
    Only two Mid-Days with Tepmeratures above freezing point. Brrrr. But inside, we have comfort.
    This is how it looks on our Baconny right now.
    (Taken a few Days ago, but nothing has changed since then)
    We are soooo longing for Spring and Summer.
    It's needed. I need some Sunshine. And Flowers.
    And parking away my Winter Clothes.

    Yeah, it has been a loooong and cold winter over here. But due to all the Kittens and Ingelin's Son and move to Germany, we have not been too much outside, or out of Home exept for visting etc.
    You know it's hard to believe:
    My Daugher has moved to Germany
    My youngest Son does live in MI
    My Second Son still lives in Oslo (He and his woman has bought a new flat)
    My oldest Son is dead.
    It's strange, only some years ago we were a big bunch around our dinner table.
    And now....
    That's how it is these Days.

    Would like to see you during the OsloBG in August.
    I'll fix acco.
    You know we are flexible and allways find a solution.
    Besides, we have the Summerhouse only 30 minutes away.

    big hugs from across the Pond