Monday, March 23, 2009

Tea and Tissues

Yuck! I am home in bed with a gross sore throat and headache. I awoke Sunday morning with a temperature and a raw throat. I have been in bed sleeping, reading and sipping tea. I felt so cruddy today that I actually took Nyquil, which is an over the counter liquid to which I rarely resort - it did help me to feel better though. I hope to be healed and back on my feet tomorrow or the next day. Hope you are all well...........


  1. glad you are getting rest. hope the weather there is kinder right now. we always take nyquil when we are sick. it helps my congestion and lets me sleep. get well wishes are hurrying your way.

  2. Do get on the mend as it sounds like you're doing.

  3. Thanks for your condolences Suzann. It's been very tough, but I am thankful I have a deep faith.
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  4. I hope you will be feeling Tip Top, very very soon, my dear...!

  5. Suzann, hope you'll be well very soon. It's allways boring with sore throat and headaches. Pollen?
    Or simply changing Spring Weather?

    btw. My toe is better, but not healed. And we did have a fantastic meeting in Germany - Seems to be part of Ingelin's and our family now.
    Adoreable, sweet, intelligent and hard working people.