Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring May Be on Its Way

Today it is nearly 60 degrees outside! We Minnesotans are delirious. People are out in shorts - a little early for me but good for them. It has been a very long and dark winter. It got cold really early and it stayed cold. The snow came early and it has remained on the ground since November. Very unusual.

Couple the cold, the ice, the snow and the dark with the level of anxiety and fear flying around in the world - it is has been a tough time for most everyone. I know I have had my share of feeling down and depressed this winter; enough so that I started taking St. John's Wort for a little boost.

The sun is warm, the snow is gone from my deck. Thoughts of springtime planting and sandals fill my reveries. We made it through another winter in the northland. Content today to just be alive.


  1. i can hardly wait....i need the spring to arrive and rejuvenate me.
    this weekend was a mess. saturday was a slushy rain. sunday was snow, hail, sleet, slush, more snow, and barrels of rain. what is going on in seattle?! this winter has been a doozy!

  2. i've been thinking about st john's wort also, anti depressants do bad things to me. we here in St Louis are experiencing a warm spell, 60's today and 75 tomorrow, can't wait

  3. Spring is usually so wonderful after a fierce winter, and you do have them in Minn. We've been having our share of winter here in So. Cal., too, but if I mentioned what's considered cold where I live, you'd laugh me off the blog.

    Am catching up with you after being away from blogging for a bit.

  4. What a lovely time of the year for all of us who are used to the 4 seasons.
    Listen to the melting snow and the birds returning from their southern winter "resorts", watching the first spring flowers and the light green at the trees and bushes.
    It's a wonderful time when all nature awake again.

    Have a great weekend