Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Snow, Snow, Snow

That's right - we are having rain, ice, snow, rain, ice and now just big clumps of snow falling. March in Minnesota - who can ever tell what will happen next.

Oh wait, wait ----- what happens next is Spring! Hooray. Spring eventually will arrive and when it does - us Minnesotans become giddy with delight. One of the joys of four- season living is the deep appreciation for each of them in their turn.

My friend V and I had a wonderful time. Just plain ordinary stuff - the best. Smiles, hugs, great food, a little shopping, a little home repair, movies, reading, and watching part of the first season of West Wing on VD!

V is a wonderful man and an important person in my life.

PS We also watched Australia - don't bother - although it gave us plenty of laughs in reflection - really terrible, hackneyed, over-acted, and on and on.


  1. that is funny on Australia because we just saw it last night and both absolutely loved it

  2. :) at the regular stuff which is often the best of all.

    he probably saw some puget sound snow when he returned. we still have snow across the landscape, but the sun, that glorious big ball of fire, is out today and is busy working to melt it all! we celebrate the return of the sun. it is still cold here...37 at 3pm.

  3. You said SNOW.
    We had to get rid of the Snow from the roof on our summerhouses. Besides, well, that was written in one of my former blogs, how the snow impact one our or walls.

    Here, in the past days, we have gad temperatures above freezing point, so the snow is melting during the days, but freezing again during nights.

    huhs and love across the ocean

  4. So glad you and V had such a great time Suzann. I can't believe you had snow....well, yes I can. We had some now that long ago. I still have my shovel out. It's cold here...17 degrees. I have Australia in my Netflix queue...I guess I'll see what you're talking about. Take care sweetie...have a great weekend coming up.