Sunday, March 01, 2009

Pining for Spring this Weekend

It is unseasonably cold here this weekend.

Yesterday morning it was below zero with tons of snow on the ground. When I bundled up to go to 7:30 am Pilates the birds were chirping - it was like they were saying, "what the heck is going on?"

After exercise I took myself out to a great breakfast then drove to the garden store just to walk around in the greenhouse and be in a growing environment. One of the things I saw was a "Euro-Basket" - it was REALLY expensive - certainly out of my budget. Instead I purchased a lovely new house plant and left it there while I went to Half Price Books. While I was running errands, it occurred to me that I have tons of baskets and green plants were on sale at the nursery.

The photo above is my own "Euro-Basket" that I put together last night. I am in heaven. It is beautiful, it cost a fraction of the pre-made basket and makes me happy every time I look at it. The little spoons on the stand sitting in front of the basket are charming pewter measuring spoons engraved with dragonflies. V gave those to me for my Hannukah gift this year. I love them as well - some of you may remember that dragonflies are an important totem to me.

I have had a really enjoyable weekend. I had my personal training session, did errands, got new books at the used bookstore, gave the house a REALLY good cleaning, made my basket, moved my plants around and now I am cooking a lovely supper. I hope your weekend was lovely - enjoy this Sunday evening. Talk to you soon........

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  1. enjoy your creative self as you prepare for the spring we are all ready to welcome. :) beautiful basket.