Thursday, March 19, 2009

Newest Addition to my Home

My new pellet stove was installed yesterday! I am very excited - not only have I reduced my carbon footprint, I have increased my self-sufficiency by being able to heat my home in any type of power loss emergency. The next purchase is a battery backup to ensure continued use if I am without power for a more extended period of time.

On top of it all - I have wanted a fireplace in my house for as long I have lived here. The cozy ambience - snowy day outside, a pot of soup on the stove and a nice fire in the stove. Heaven!!

As you can see, I continue to work on making my life more sustainable, resilient and self-reliant. More to come.............


  1. Great idea to have such a modern fireplace installed.
    Next time, I'll think I'll come during the Winter;))

  2. congrats! now you can enjoy looking at the white landscape with that fire warming your toes!

  3. This sounds like a smart idea. I recall Conn. friends some years ago being without power for a week or so. They talked of using their fireplace for heating water, cooking and heat. Surely does make sense to me, plus you can enjoy it at other times, too.