Thursday, January 29, 2009

Still on the Planet

What a whirlwind week - we facilitated a board retreat for a national organization all Saturday and Sunday. It was interesting and fun all about museums and informal learning experiences. It also meant that we were really busy for the entire two days!!

The retreat was held at the Science Museum of Minnesota, which is in a gorgeous new building overlooking the Mississippi River. I snapped the photos above last Saturday morning - as you can see, it is still cold in Minnesota. And yes, that is mighty Mississippi - notice, the houseboats on the opposite bank and the paddle wheelers next door.

I will try a longer post over the weekend - lots on my mind with all that is going on in our country and the world. The most overarching thought and feeling is one of GRATITUDE. I have a safe home, warmth, food, transportation, a job and a wonderful circle of friends and support - I am blessed and I am grateful. Talk to you soon...........


  1. Like you, I am grateful I have a lovely home, food in the fridge, clothes for my back and enough security---so far----that I am really Okay!
    Times are so damn tough....I feel for all those that are struggling to make ends meet....These are very scary times!

    I am also grateful I live in a warm when I see these pictures, my dear!

  2. I look forward to your promised weekend post. I was never in Minneapolis-St. Paul in the winter, only the summer. My friend Boyd says it hasn't gotten above 0 the whole month of January. Yikes. I remember when I walked across the Mississippi at the headwaters. What is the name of that park again?

  3. This view tells all about that you live in a place with 4 seasons.
    I remember, from last August, you stopped your Car, to let me and your great friends from Florida to take photos.
    And you also told me you hoped to give your knowledge to the Institution in matter. You did that. I must admit: It was not at all a surprise.
    I have learned to know your very genuine qualities.

    Hugs and love from
    across the Pond.

  4. I feel blessed as well Suzann....even in these scary times. May you always be blessed my friend....