Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Long Road and How Sweet is Life

My 2005 Intentions included things like:

1. Drink Water

2. Sleep

3. Read

That was a true survival year. I still do not believe that one human body could produce and shed so many tears.

This year, I look to connection - to gratitude - to living a spirit-filled life. Last year was the year I turned into the wind and set sail for this new land.

Walking the widow-road is difficult. It transforms one in unimaginable ways. It is worth it. Of course, I would give every lesson back to have Tom here by my side - it doesn't work that way. As I take these steps on new soil, on solid land - I am grateful for this life.


  1. Where to begin?

    It's amazing to look back, to know that we did, indeed, survive that year of survival. It's breathtaking to realize that regardless of how many tears this poor body shed ... an infinite supply remains. It's life-giving to know that gratitude abides.

    Thank you, my dear, for walking the road with me.

  2. Suzann I do like your 2009 intentions.
    It gives you a good guiding Star in which direction you should move forward.
    To be realistic, I think your 8 intentions for 2009 also describes you as I learned to know you last August.
    I'm a living witness of your intention #5. Thank you so much.

  3. As always, Suzann....BEAUTIFULLY said!

  4. And you are moving ahead in divine order, Suzann. I like your list of intentions. It's kind of like my Vision Board but with words.

  5. :) solid land feels good, doesn't it? it was nice speaking with you in seattle.

  6. Your intentions sound good and it does show how far you have come, that we can heal even if we never forget

  7. My 2008 was your 2005. I'm only a year out so some days my goal still is just to breath. Well that, and to wake up the next day.
    It does get better, but then it still suddenly, and out of nowhere, gets worse.
    I look forward to the year when I can truthfully and joyfully say .... my goal is to enjoy my life.
    I think I'm getting there .... one breath at a time.
    Thanks for your post.