Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sustaining Ourselves in the Times Ahead

This is a time like none we have ever seen. In the past few months I have begun a new practice - one that I highly recommend. I have expanded my pantry and am storing additional staple food. It is food that I like and that I eat - it is not just to be squirreled away. I eat from the expanded pantry and replenish it as needed.

Make no mistake - it is all food with a long shelf life - grains, beans, rice, pasta, noodles, canned salmon, canned fruit and tomatoes along with pasta sauce, peanut butter and powdered milk. None of us knows what may lie ahead. Be prepared. I think having a supply of food and water on hand in case we have an interruption in the supply chain or a natural emergency (look at the folks in Kentucky without power right now).

I dried a fair amount of tomatoes and zucchini this summer and put up pickles and pesto. It is so neat to use my own food. I intend to can even more food this summer.

Localization - eating from our local foodsheds, supporting local economies by purchasing from local business, keeping our hard earned money in our communities - all are going to be key in the months ahead. I am by no means a "survivalist" nor am I building a bomb shelter in the backyard. I just think it is prudent in this uncertain time to be more self-reliant and to be vigilant about helping your neighbors - for it is in-community that we will thrive.

The photo is sunset over the Mississippi River taken from the Science Museum of Minnesota on January 24.

Sustaining that is the key word. Store a bit of surplus for yourself and for a neighbor too. There are some great websites about this topic if you are interested I can post some links. Talk with you soon......................


  1. I totally believe in this. It takes some work to keep things circulating but it's important. In the past people put up food for the winter as they knew they would do it or starve. We have forgotten a lot of basic skills but we can relearn. As you said, you never know what is lying ahead.

  2. Suzann, you wrote:
    Sustaining that is the key word
    That is and has allways been, until recently what people without even thinkingabiut it has allways done regarding food.
    We. these days are so dependent upon a stabel electricity supply and gaz suppy, and ready made food, we even do not know that Milk is from a Cow.

    But you know better. So do I.
    We have food supply in our freezer, but that is not so secure as dry food. Even dried veggies or self canned fruits etc.

    I know, you think ahead.
    Brave as you are.

    hugs from the other side of the Pond

  3. Here from Tor's just to say Hi and to wish you a wonderful weekend :-)

    Btw: Beautiful photos!

  4. I saw an article just last week about the Mormon community warehouses. Savvy economists use them as a bellwether, because they don't respond to every little jitter the way the stock markets do.

    At any rate, the Mormon warehouses are (a) busier and (b) fuller than they have been in a long time.

    Your post is a nudge I think I need. I stockpiled things -- water in particular -- in response the Y2K scare. I think you could be right about needing to be better prepared for life in general these days.

  5. I think it's always wise to be prepared for an emergency. I am but not as organized as I need to be. We're constantly being reminded to do so here in So. Calif. since "The Big One" is long overdue -- earthquake.